Hi, I'm Marisa



I´m Marisa and I would describe myself as a linker. A linker who looks forward to reconnecting with our own essence through symbols and experiences, for which I´ve created three types of connectors with our spiritual self.
The first one which seeks to help us disconnect from our daily lifestyle, to connect with ourselves through nature.
The second one is about a high vibrational tattoo experience if you´re looking for a symbol as a body charged talisman which will be with you for the rest of your life.
However, if you´re not into “permanent” stuff the third connector gives the chance to have this kind of symbols as unique jewelry pieces made by intentioned crystals full of meaning.


Soundhealing and meditation at sunrise, tattooing on the top of a mountain, swimming into a waterfall… Choose to experiment yourself through nature in a more a conscious way that includes soul, mind and body


Unique and handmade pieces with the intention to transmute low vibration energy for our own higher good through a customized symbol which can serve as accompaniment to the ones who identify and share this path of awakening, feeling, living.



This tattoo main intention was to reach a higher level of consciousness. A reminder that we are always growing and evolving through cycles that make us infinite.



This piece represents heaven and earth as one. The liberation a daughter had with her father who has transcended to another plane and the moment she decided to finally let go of attachments and remain only with pure love.

Let’s connect through art.
To make a tattoo appointment send a message through the chat on the 20th of each month with your idea, placement, approximate size and references.
Bookings are open from the 20th to 21st of each month


Symbols that I’ve interpreted by unique pieces of jewelry created from crystals and quartz with specific intentions that are also charged with different tools and rituals that allow us to elevate the vibration.

White quartz being cleaned with floral tobacco

Release suppressed emotions

Self love

Pieces being intentioned with healing sounds

Floral tobacco for ceremonies and cleaning environments

Intentioned crystals

Spiritual protector

Intentioned crystals

connector with the divine

Connect with me

If you’ve been looking for a sign to enhance your vision, this is it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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